Bishop Isham S. Cordery

Senior Pastor, Grace Temple Church

Bishop Isham Steven Cordery is a humble servant who indeed lives by the principles of a Bishop. Bishop Cordery is the epitome of a Bishop, living a blameless lifestyle. He has been a dedicated husband of 30 years to one wife, the lovely Jacqueline Denise Cordery. She states that, “working beside your husband in the ministry is a wonderful job.” He is also the father of one daughter, Stephanie. Bishop Cordery is also vigilant, sober, godly, given to hospitality, and certainly apt to teach! He does not lord over God’s heritage, but maintains a godly lifestyle before the saints and consequently teaches the commandments and the doctrine of Jesus Christ. As a man of God who grew up under the tutelage of the late Bishop S.P. Rawlings, he is known for his godly wisdom and anointed leadership. Indeed, Bishop I.S. Cordery was cut from the fabric of his “spiritual father.”
When asked for his thoughts Bishop Cordery states, “I believe that God draws us with loving kindness and with his everlasting love. We should then return that love with submission to His will, and separation from carnality and worldliness, for they are enmity with God.”
Bishop Cordery is also an educated man. He received his B.A. in Chemistry from Eastern Kentucky University, his B.S. in theology from K.C.C.R, and has completed course work toward a Masters in Pastoral Ministry. While in college he led the University Ensemble of EKU and upon graduation became Chapter Representative and Choral Director for the Louisville Chapter GMWA.
He is currently an Associate Manager, QA for Kentucky Fried Chicken, Inc. He has served what is now Grace Temple Church, Inc. as pastor for approximately 32 years. Aside from serving as pastor, Bishop Isham S. Cordery also served as the Midwest District Superintendent of the House of God and Dean of Seminars for the National YPU/Choir Convention. He is well respected and loved nationally by many in the brotherhood, as well as in the Louisville community. On any given day, Bishop can be seen providing love and direction for the fatherless, encouragement for the youth, counsel and support for the widows, guidance for the ministry, and godly leadership for the saints. If ever anyone is in need of deliverance, Bishop Cordery is the man to preach an anointed message of deliverance. Several saints have concurred that “every Sabbath Day, when Bishop Cordery opens up his mouth to preach, the anointing of God falls on the congregation and looses bands of wickedness and destroys yokes of bondage!” 

In 2010 along with Lady Diann Roundtree, he began the Grace Temple Fellowship of Churches mainly to assist other churches that have become denominationally disconnected.